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Dear Friend,

At PCS we consider you a donor and a true partner who helps advance our mission and values. I thank you for your partnership throughout this strange and wild year. A sentiment I have heard repeated by family, friends, and colleagues is that the silver lining to this challenging period has been the recognition of how important it is to check in with one another and to stay connected. The joy we feel when we gather after months of separation is unparalleled!

I look forward to welcoming you back to The Armory this fall as we celebrate the return of performances on our stages. Our 2021-2022 Season includes a beautiful array of plays, including August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Freestyle Love Supreme, and the heart-swelling return of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  

As we get ready to close our fiscal year on June 30th, I hope you will consider supporting Soaring Together — a campaign focused on raising the necessary resources to soar back on stage in October. Your continued support is crucial to our ability to bring you inspiring, entertaining, and engaging programming — please join us and make a gift today!

Staying connected is deeply meaningful to me, and I am only a short email or phone call away. Please reach out if you’d like to chat and learn more about the work happening at PCS.

With warm regards and gratitude,

Portrait of Luisa Adrianzen Guyer.

Luisa Adrianzen Guyer

Director of Development
Direct: 503-445-3729
Email: LuisaG@pcs.org

Soaring Together: Insights from Marissa Wolf

We’ve done it! We’ve stuck it out together. Fifteen months of connecting by phone, video, and email. Fifteen months of seeking the energy and magic of theater through small electronic portals in our homes. June brings us Summerfield Estates, a final, playful piece from our PCS Remix season. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure heist by Ashley Mellinger and Joe Bowden, simulcast from the Ellyn Bye Studio. A perfect way to cap off this wild, pandemic season!

As we walk boldly forward into the 2021-2022 season, we look forward to the JAW New Play Festival in July as the first big, in-person offering back at The Armory. Feisty new plays, energetic actors, and you! Stay tuned for details on the powerhouse lineup we’re planning. 

Behind the scenes this summer, we’re excited to welcome back the immensely talented production and front of house teams whose work will mark the important shift into making live theater again. The Armory floors and stairs are refinished and shiny, the bar has been rebuilt, and the theaters stand poised to welcome back audiences and artists alike.  

We’ve made it fifteen months together! Your contribution to the Soaring Together campaign has a direct impact on our ability to come back strong. We hope you’ll join us to ensure a glorious re-opening!

Foundation Spotlight: A Note from 

The PGE Foundation enjoys being a funding partner at Portland Center Stage because we value arts education programs like PCS Young Playwrights that give the next generation opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-efficacy. We believe our investment in these programs provides equitable access to opportunity. We know students who have this kind of creative experience are more inclined to actively engage in classroom discussions, offer their own ideas, and appreciate the ideas of others. We share Portland Center Stage’s commitment to equity and are proud to be part of their efforts to include voices from communities who have faced historic or systemic barriers in reaching equitable outcomes.

Our Year in Comics

Take a look behind the scenes to learn how Artistic Director Marissa Wolf was able to keep the show running during a pandemic, as seen through the eyes of her husband, Tom Toro!

Happy Hour with Marissa Wolf and Katie Nguyen!

From the JAW New Play Festival to our 7-show season, the producing team at PCS is revving back into gear! Join PCS Production Manager Katie Nguyen in conversation with Artistic Director Marissa Wolf as they discuss how to create new modes of working with artists for thrilling, in-person theater.

Tuesday, July 13  •  6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.    FREE

Thank You — Mystery Donors!

Throughout the season we receive anonymous gifts from supporters through Amazon Smile and Kroger Rewards. Thanks to those of you who participate in these programs! If you'd like to learn more, visit our ways to give page.

Thank You, Donors!

PCS donors are vital to our success, and we are grateful to each and every one of you. Please join us in welcoming our newest donors!

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Our Community Values

Theater often brings productive discomfort to the surface. Portland Center Stage is committed to grappling with that discomfort, on and off the stage, and we invite members of our community to participate in that growth process with us. Our goal is to co-create safety for our community by identifying and interrupting instances of racism and all forms of oppression, when we witness them, through specific actions rooted in the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). Learn more.

Photos: Cindy Im backstage during Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley and Luisa Adrianzen Guyer photos by Kate Szrom. Marissa Wolf photo by Gary Norman. Leif Norby and Merideth Kaye Clark in Winter Song, photo by Patrick Weishampel. Graphic designs by Mikey Mann.