Newsletter No.4: Ways in which we can continue to support you. 

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[IMAGE] A man balances a pile of books in outstretched hands whilst wearing a mortar board.

'Why, this is very midsummer madness.'

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and we wish you all a restful and replenishing holiday period after what has been an incredibly challenging time for educators across the world. 

As many of you move back into a socially distanced classroom environment this autumn term, we've been working hard to ensure that all our workshop and CPD sessions are available online. You'll find details of the range of ways we can work together in this newsletter. 

Finally, this month marks the last chance for you and your students to catch our free Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank's Macbeth online, but we'll be bringing you news of an exciting premiere for schools in autumn term. 

We're doing all we can to bring Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank back to the Globe in 2021. Watch this space for more news in September.

Work with Shakespeare's Globe this autumn term.

From September 2020, we will be delivering our workshops, storytelling, CPD and projects for schools online. This exciting new method of delivery will enable schools teaching in socially distanced classrooms, or using distance learning, to connect with the Globe wherever they are in the world. 

We will also be offering socially distanced sessions in schools, and you can still book for workshops at the Globe when we re-open. Visit our learn pages for more details and please email us for all enquiries and bookings

[IMAGE] A group of schoolchildren and a facilitator with their hands in the air.

Our Lively Action workshops encapsulate the active spirit in which we engage with Shakespeare's texts at the Globe. These active workshops are available across the key stages on any play, or as an introduction to Shakespeare. Book in school sessions here, or email us to book online sessions.  

[IMAGE] A man and a woman stood on stage wearing green capes.

Introduce your students to Shakespeare's plays in our interactive Storytelling sessions. These fun, immersive events are led by our educational practitioners. Each storytelling brings a separate play to life and creates an enjoyable introduction to Shakespeare's texts. Book in school sessions here, or email us to book online sessions.

[IMAGE] Four women holding scripts partaking in a training session.

Looking for training for your department or whole school? From language analysis to introducing Shakespeare's plays, we cover a broad range of training topics and our CPD sessions are tailored to your school's individual needs. Email us for more information or to book.

[IMAGE] School children taking part in a drama workshop.

We also run longer projects aimed at areas such as Year 6 into 7 transition, or improving literacy. Projects can be delivered via a range of mediums, and include student workshops, teacher training and ongoing support for staff delivering the programmes in schools. Email us for more information or to book.

Opportunities for individual students.

For students aged 8 - 19 keen to engage with the Globe over the summer period, we are also offering a new range of workshops and courses designed to prepare students for A Level or University study, or simply to engage with their favourite Shakespeare texts. Sessions range from one hour to two weeks in length and are all delivered online and booked by individual students and their families.

[IMAGE] A girl stood with her hands at her sides.

Our one-hour workshops for young people aged 12+ focus on unlocking Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet.

[IMAGE]  A boy with his hands outstretched.

Our two-hour workshops for young people aged 15+ focus on analysing Othello or Hamlet.

[IMAGE] A boy speaking.

Summer Study Days are six hour courses offering 15 – 19 year olds a deep dive into Shakespeare's plays.  

[IMAGE] A boy speaking.

Summer Short Courses are perfect for aspiring actors, directors and academics aged 8 - 19.

[IMAGE] A girl holding a piece of paper and giving a speech.

Our Young Academics' Summer School is for students looking to study English Literature at university. 

[IMAGE] A girl giving a speech.

Aspiring actors and Drama students will love our one and two week Young Actors' Summer Schools.

Macbeth - last chance to watch our online production.

[IMAGE] An man with blood on his hands and a women looking sad with her hand on her chest.

The last chance to see our Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production of Macbeth is approaching! 

Our online production is available until midnight Sunday 26 July, but don't worry, we'll be bringing you news of a premiere for young people in the autumn term, along with exciting information about our 2021 Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production.    

Resources to support your teaching of Macbeth.

[IMAGE] The quote 'Look like th'innocent flower, but be the serpent under't.'

Help students learn and analyse key quotations with these Globe animations. 

[IMAGE] A pair of eyes looking forward.

Our Macbeth microsite is packed with teaching resources for all ages. 

[IMAGE] A boy mid-speech with his hand in the air.

Watch actors and students perform Macbeth's famous dagger and candle soliloquys.

For younger learners.

[IMAGE] A cartoon fox and mouse holding a camera and tablet.
Watch the opening of The Tempest as performed by our cast of Playground characters. 
[IMAGE] A young girl drawing.

Looking for resources for younger children or for the whole family? Swing open the gates and explore our Playground.   

[IMAGE] Close up of someone holding a tablet displaying our Shakespeare games.

Looking for a literacy boost? Try our Shakespeare inspired word games

Michelle Terry's Thought of the Week.

[IMAGE] A man sat on a throne thinking.

Exploring Henry V's quotation alongside a personal childhood memory, Artistic Director Michelle Terry reflects on our need for endurance and patience during these challenging times in her Thought of the Week

And finally.

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