December 2022

Common Thread Collective

Debut Group Exhibition

November 29th - December 26th, 2022

Greetings from the Eisemann Center!

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Watercolor- Housewright

Dubrovnik by Lana Housewright

Common Thread Collective is a group of women from Texas who share a passion for art and collaboration hoping to inspire others though the use of visual art. These six artists have put together a collection with a variety of subjects, mediums, and styles sure to have something for everyone to admire. The collective is comprised of Michelle Noah, Leslie Montena, Lana Housewright, Audra Curlett, Lindsay Brunkenhoefer, and Betsy Ferguson, each bringing a unique perspective to the group. 

Michelle Noah, founder of Common Thread Collective, is a returning artist in the Green Mezzanine Gallery, first appearing in 2021 with her vibrant and colorful collection, By the Numbers: An Enneagram Series. She is the owner of Ninth Street Gallery, an artist studio in Downtown Garland. 

Leslie Montena is an engineer, multi-media artist, and founder of unique and luxurious art company called Colors For The Soul. Her work incorporates bold colors and meaningful subject matter. This exhibition will include some of her captivating silhouettes and abstract resin designs.

Lana Housewright opened Ninth Street Gallery with Noah in 2016. She is an award-winning creative, master watercolorist and career architect. Her work contains an impressive amount of detail and precision.

Audra Curlett is a mother, teacher, and multi-media artist whose work "reveals the mystery and grace of everyday life". This collection will showcase nostalgia inducing pieces from her newest series entitled Cowboy Wisdom

Lindsay Brunkenhoefer is a real estate broker and acrylic artist. From vast landscapes to portraits of pups, she's captured it all. Be sure to check her work for hidden details as you breathe in, relax, and admire her beautiful scenes. 

Betsy Ferguson is an entrepreneur, a jack of all trades, and a people person who creates acrylic and mixed-media artworks. She uses intricate patterns, a variety of textures, and unconventional techniques to produce unique and interesting paintings. 

The opening reception for Common Thread Collective's debut gallery will take place on December 2nd from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Forest and Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery at the Eisemann Center. Join us again on December 4th from 2:00-4:00 pm to Meet the Artists to ask questions and get some insight on the artists and their works!

Gallery Views

Acrylic - Curlett

Lone, Not Alone by Audra Curlett

Multi-Media - Montena

Rays of Golden Soul by Leslie Montena

Canvas - Noah

Symmetry by Michelle Noah

Acrylic on Canvas - Brunkenhoefer

Admiring Michelle by Lindsay Brunkenhoefer

Acrylic - Ferguson

Grace by Betsy Ferguson

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