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  • Friday, October 23, 5:00PM—CAMA Classic Cocktails No. 4
    NEW THIS WEEK: Watch Party following the cocktail event. Stay after to watch this week's Sound/Stage Episode together with your CAMA friends!
  • Friday, October 23, 10:00AM (and available thereafter)—LA Phil: Sound/Stage Episode No. 5

CAMA Classic Cocktails with Deborah Bertling
CAMA Classic Cocktails with Deborah Bertling

CAMA Classic Cocktails

NEW THIS WEEK: Watch Party following the cocktail event. Stay after to watch this week's Sound/Stage Episode together with your CAMA friends!

CAMA Classic Cocktails continues via Zoom every Friday at 5:00PM, coinciding with the weekly concert release of Sound/Stage by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, through November 20.

Women’s Board President Deborah Bertling will welcome all and mix the Classic Cocktail of the week. Dr. David Malvinni will give an introductory presentation, and then you are invited to watch the SOUND/STAGE episode with the CAMA community. The gathering will include a trivia game with a prize awarded to the winner!

RSVP on the registration link below before to receive the Zoom link.

Cocktail Recipe of the Week

A “Tonic” Chord
2 oz. gin
Tonic (to taste)
3-4 dashes of cherry bitters
Lime wedge for garnish
(The third ingredient—cherry bitters—is the cherry on top of the chord!)

   —Hosted by the CAMA Women’s Board

A "Tonic" Chord

LA Phil | Sound/Stage: Episode 5 | October 23, 2020

Friday, October 23 at soundstage 

Episode 5 of SOUND/STAGE
Episode available for streaming starting 10:00AM each Friday

Maestro Gustavo Dudamel conducts Beethoven.

Maestro GUSTAVO DUDAMEL conducts Beethoven. 





BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 7

Richard Wagner called Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony the “apotheosis of dance.” Gustavo Dudamel describes Beethoven as pure beauty and joy. Watch as the LA Phil channels that spirit to perform this timeless and exuberant masterpiece.

Support for this episode is provided by ANN RONUS.


CAMA’s long-time sister organization, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, has created Sound/Stage, a nine-part series that is being streamed for free from the LA Phil’s website, continuing this Friday, October 23 with Episode 5 and through Episode 9 on November 20.  

As CAMA is unable to offer live orchestral concerts this season, we encourage you to join us in viewing this innovative project recently filmed on the vast stage of the beloved Hollywood Bowl, with no audience and with the film crew and musicians masked and safely separated.

CAMA and the LA Phil share a history of being founded in 1919 and have partnered to present world-class music each year in Santa Barbara for over a century. Our pasts and futures are closely tied, and we both look forward to another century of close collaboration. The Sound/Stage project was an expensive endeavor, and CAMA encourages you to support the LA Phil with a contribution to the PLAY YOUR PART fundraising campaign.