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A round-up of articles focused on commentary and analysis of current developments in the cultural sector. 

Does this change everything?

House Lights Up

A podcast promoting positive mental health in the performing arts featuring frank conversations about the challenges of forging a career in the arts, and strategies for overcoming them. (The Arts Wellbeing Collective)

Jazz Live in Clubs: The Pandemic is Threatening Its Future

The entire concert industry is struggling as the Covid-19 shutdown continues. But a genre rooted in live performance and in-the-moment dynamics is in particular peril. (The New York Times)

Three Arts Leaders Discuss How Cornerstones for Success Changed in a COVID-19 World

SMU DataArts, in partnership with The Wallace Foundation, released a report that suggests the cornerstones of success for arts organizations lie in the alchemy between high-quality programming standards and community relevance. (SMU DataArts)

Fauci: We Won’t Be Able to Sit in Theaters Without Masks Until a Year After an Effective Coronavirus Vaccine is Created

Dr. Anthony Fauci made his prediction in a 30-minute interview with the actress Jennifer Garner on Instagram Live about vaccines, lockdowns, and the coming flu season. (Business Insider)

A Case for the Arts

Cultured Communities

This report presents new research on the cuts to local government funding of arts and culture between 2009-10 and 2018-19. (Fabian Society

A Leg to Stand On: The Democratic Party Platform

Arts consultant Arlene Goldbard comments on the Democratic Party’s draft platform, pointing out the omission of recognizing arts and cultural workers as needing support and providing essential services. (Arlene Goldbard)

Where Do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Stand on the Arts?

Hyperallergic looked at the Democratic candidates’ track record in the cultural sector, from legislative achievements to museum affiliations and personal support of the arts. (Hyperallergic)

COVID Crisis: We Need All Hands on Deck to Save America’s Arts and Culture Economy

Richard Florida and Michael Seman say, we cannot let cultural infrastructure fall apart during this time, as they power innovation and economic growth. (USA Today)

Equity & Social Justice

Responding to Widespread Demands, Museums Are Acquiring More Works by Artists of Color. But How They Do So Matters More Than Ever

Artists and cultural producers say museums need to collect and exhibit works with more respect and care. (Artnet News)

Teen Art Councils Are Pushing for Change in Prestigious Museums

Injustices pervade museums, which are drawing unprecedented scrutiny in the wake of nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. (Teen Vogue)

Cultural Infrastructure

New Museums

Charles Saumarez Smith CBE explores some of the themes and issues of his forthcoming book, The Art Museum in Modern Times. (Charles Saumarez Smith)

Urban Imaginations

How Cities Can Reimagine Public Spaces to Support Children and Families

As cities and regions look to “build back better” in the wake of COVID-19, it is imperative that they consider a far more holistic approach to child development that addresses the inequities in our current systems. (Brookings)

How Community Land Trust Can Help Heal Segregated Cities

American cities represent part of the nation’s long and grim history of discrimination and oppression against Black people. They can also be part of the recovery from all that harm. (Next City)

Janette Sadik-Khan: We Must Rethink Our Streets to Create the Six-foot City

New York’s former transport commissioner explains her vision of a pandemic recovery led by returning urban space to citizens. (The Guardian)

The Permanence of Pandemic Infrastructure

One of the fundamental changes from COVID-19 is how we are approaching allocating some of our public space. Urban Toronto focuses on three types of infrastructure that have seen their profiles raised as a result of COVID-19: Bike lanes, transit lanes, and sidewalk patios. (Urban Toronto

New Models

Auf Wiedersehen, Techno: Berlin's Banging Berghain club Reborn as a Gallery

“Global Nighttime Recovery Plan”, co-written by an international panel of night mayors, academics and music promoters, suggests more clubs need to perform “creative business model pivots” like Berghain in order to maintain revenue while the clubbing experience is impossible. (The Guardian)

How Change Happens

When cultural producers have the time and space to think ahead and bounce ideas off each other, remarkable ideas emerge. (Arts Professional)

How Simulation Games Can Help Financially Struggling Museums and Galleries Find Alternatives to Mass Redundancies

In a op-ed, management consultant Ken Charman considers some alternative cost-cutting measures museums can take. (Artnet News)

Insights from Our Industry Champions

Business model disruption and innovation during COVID-19 in the creative content industries. (Policy & Evidence Centre

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