February 2021

Richardson ISD 

Visual Arts Department

is proud to present

The Districtwide K-12 Student Art Exhibit

February 1 - February 21, 2021

Greetings from the Eisemann Center!

Thank you for subscribing to our monthly Art Newsletter, Brushstrokes. We hope you find it informative and inviting. The Forrest and Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery is free to view and open daily to the public. Located in the heart of Galatyn Parkway, and steps from the DART rail, our monthly art installation is not something you want to miss.

Presented by the Richardson ISD Visual Arts Department, this opportunity allows students’ enthusiasm and motivation for art to be further explored and enhanced. Myron Stennett, Director of Visual Arts K-12 for the RISD, developed the criteria for this event to allow all students K-12 who attend school in the RISD the opportunity to create and submit a piece of art.

Through challenging curricular art activities which are aligned with the standards outlined in the Art Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the school’s art curriculum, students are provided a venue to showcase their skills as well as their understanding of process and creative development which supports the goals and skill level of all students. 

Coffee with the Creator

Mr. Stennett was interviewed by Assistant Marketing and Development Manager, Roni Carrasco, to discuss the current student exhibit, and provide examples of how students are able to continue to connect with the arts, even during a Pandemic. 

Watch the interview on Vimeo, by clicking their photo below. 

February Art Gallery

Gallery Views

Upcoming Exhibits

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For questions or subscription requests, email roni.carrasco@cor.gov

Artists wanting to be considered for the exhibit can find details at the Eisemann Center website www.eisemanncenter.com

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