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In this week's dispatch of material regarding the current COVID-19 crisis, we look to the cultural strategist, economist, organist, and author of The Creative Wealth of Nations, Patrick Kabanda for insight. He has a great take on the value proposition we are all honing. "If human development is about 'expanding the richness of human life, rather than simply the richness of the economy in which human beings live,' then we cannot remain fixated on the expansion of material means while paying scarce attention to the enrichment of people’s lives."

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Does this change everything?

Safety, Solvency, Service

Andrew Taylor, Professor of Arts Management at American University, writes of the three primary waves arts organizations must dive into when faced with crisis. (The Artful Manager)

The Empty Museum and a Post-Pandemic Museum Landscape

Sando Debono offers a calm, meditative piece on the future of museums. (Medium)

Tough Times Call for Tough Action

SeaChange has issued a new report for nonprofit groups grappling with what to do in response to the COVID-19 crisis, outlining the actions needed to move forward. (SeaChange)

How Might Museums Help Us Navigate Beyond Our Current Crisis?

The Happy Museum draws comparisons with plagues and pandemics of the past and the effects of economic reversals like the Wall Street Crash and how they led to changes in economic thinking. It suggests questions museums should be asking now, including how they can use their assets and agency, and what stories from the past can be used to support just and sustainable future change. (The Happy Museum)

Fundraising & Philanthropy

Art in the Time of Coronavirus: NYC’s Small Arts Organizations Fighting for Survival

The Center for an Urban Future reports unprecedented financial challenges facing small and mid-sized arts organizations and working artists across New York City. The report suggests that independent theatres, museums, performance venues, and arts education organizations are teetering on the brink of insolvency. It includes candid and often emotional interviews with the leaders of two dozen arts organizations across all five boroughs. (Center for an Urban Future)

Artist Relief

A coalition of national arts funders has launched a $10 million unrestricted, emergency artist relief fund, Artist Relief, that will grant $5,000 to individual artists facing financial hardship. It is also co-launching the COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Workers, designed by Americans for the Arts, to better identify and address the needs of artists moving forward. (Artist Relief)

US Funders’ Response to COVID-19

Zeta Metis Advising has conducted research that highlights promising philanthropic practices and advice to help funders address COVID-19 and understand its evolving impact. (Zeta Metis Advising

Cities After COVID-19

Cities After Coronavirus: how COVID-19 could radically alter urban life

Cities have historically responded to public health crises by making adjustments to everyday life. While we continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus, what might life look like on the other side? (The Guardian)

Fifteen Thoughts on the Coronavirus and Cities

“Social distancing has turned urban life upside down, but what changes will persist?” The Sightline Institute offers fifteen thoughts on how the coronavirus pandemic may affect cities. (Sightline Institute).

The Post-Pandemic Urban Future is Already Here

CityLab counters the above arguments suggesting that inertia is a real force for the development of cities – looking at the work of the past decades as through lines from the pre- to post-pandemic urban world. (CityLab)

Michael Kimmelman’s Virtual Tours for the NY Times

Take a virtual tour with the architects and historians who know all about these NYC cultural destinations – BroadwayMuseum Milethe East River waterfront.(New York Times)

Attendance On- and Offline 

Art Shows in Age of Pandemics

A round-up of ten upcoming art fairs, festivals, and exhibitions available here for virtual viewing - an odd mix that reflects these weird and challenging times. And a contrarian view of art online here. (The Architect’s Newspaper)

Performance Buildings in the Post-Pandemic World

Theatre consultants Charcoalblue studied the impact of the 1918 flu epidemic on theatre attendance to develop guidance for the development of performance buildings post-COVID-19. (Charcoalblue)

And in the middle of all this, an important new museum opens...

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