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A round-up of articles focused on commentary and analysis of current developments in the cultural sector.

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New Models

Fotografiska Is Elevating The Museum Experience – And Going Global With It

This merging of culture and hospitality is already well-established at Fotografiska New York, where the museum space encompasses exhibition galleries, a retail store, a cafe, and the members’ lounge, Chapel Bar. The intent is to guarantee visitors an all-inclusive experience — “to socialize, be immersed in a culturally driven environment, and have great hospitality to go along with that.” (Jing Culture & Commerce)

Basquiat, Inc.: How the Artist’s Estate Built a Licensing Empire of Branded Barbies, Dog Hoodies, Coach Backpacks, and More

Art and design is a small but fast-growing sector of the licensing universe. In 2019, it represented just 1 percent of the $292.8 billion global licensing market, according to Licensing International, a trade organization. Global art sales were $67.4 billion that year. (Artnet News)

Equity & Social Justice

From Redlining to Red Tape, Unwinding Our Way to a Just Society

Artists, who are especially skilled at uncovering hidden connections, creating unexpected relationships, and crafting new beginnings and endings, can help designers better engage communities to take part in the planning of infrastructure projects, not just react to them. (Forecast

Digital Frontiers

Museums in the Metaverse: How Web3 Technology Can Help Historical Sites

Owners of physical castles and villas who have drafted up augmented reality blueprints of their properties think their ambitious plans to attract visitors in the metaverse will work, as virtual events can help them pay the hefty maintenance bills for their aging properties and also offer a chance to change historical narratives. (Cointelegraph)

The Metaverse: A Virtual Opportunity or a Distraction from ‘Real’ Work?

Bloomberg recently estimated the market to be worth $800bn. But what is the metaverse and why is it becoming a new frontier for architects? (The RIBA Journal

Does this change everything? 

Diplomatic Battle Rages at UNESCO Over Russia Meeting

A dispute has erupted at the UN cultural agency over Russia's hosting of its World Heritage Committee in just two months, which Western nations say they will boycott over the invasion of Ukraine. (France 24


Where a New African Museum Fits in a Post-Colonial World

The question remains: Is an African museum, designed by an African architect, capable of undoing the institutional violence that it has inherited? (Hyperallergic)

The Forgotten Movement to Reclaim Africa’s Stolen Art

The new book, “Africa’s Struggle for Its Art: History of a Postcolonial Defeat”, explores the first campaign to decolonize Europe’s museums—and exposes the conspiracy that smothered it. (The New Yorker)

Urban Imaginations

Resisting, Reclaiming and Asserting Democracy in Public Spaces

The Russian invasion of Ukraine reminds us how crucial our public spaces are for democracy. Strong public spaces promote the resistance and resilience of local communities. (AfterCovid.City)

Precincts May Be the New Urban Black – But Their Success Dates Back 2300 Years

“Precincts can be important agents of change for our cities – but not all precincts are equally powerful; what can we discover from ancient history about the hallmarks of high performance?”, writes Kate Meyrick, Director at Urbis (LinkedIn)

The Dutch City Testing the Future of Urban Life

With a hotchpotch of neighbourhoods focused on innovative architecture, sustainability and social enrichment, can Almere give us a glimpse of what living in cities could be like in years to come? (BBC

Ecological Sustainability

UN Report: Rethink Cities to Combat Climate Crisis

Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change was authored by 278 scientists from 65 countries and draws on over 18,000 pieces of research. It points out that urban areas generated between 68 and 72 percent of combined global carbon dioxide and methane emissions in 2020. (Politico

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