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Good luck with your upcoming exams and final projects! Do you have questions about working during your break? See below for more information. 

There will be an exclusive Immigration Session tomorrow on inviting your family and friends to visit Canada, register below!

The Studying Superstars Contest is back next week! Just a reminder that the college will be closed and there will be no classes this Friday, April 15. Classes and college services will resume on Monday, April 18.

Newsletter Topics Include:

  • Upcoming Events & Webinars
  • Working During Your Break

Upcoming Events & Webinars

Immigration Session – Inviting Family and Friends to Visit Canada

Thursday, April 14, 2:00 p.m. EDT

Are you wondering how to invite guests to Canada to attend your Convocation? This information session will cover the process and documents you will need to invite your family members and friends to come to Canada. 

Studying Superstars Contest

April 18 - 22

Do you have some great study tips or want to inspire other students during exams? The Studying Superstars Contest is back! Follow @cambriancollege on Instagram for contest information. 

Immigration Session – Study Permit Extension

Friday, April 22, 2:00 p.m. EDT

This information session on the study permit extension process will cover the following information:

  • Creating an online account with IRCC
  • Checking eligibility to apply online and creating your document checklist
  • Filling out the study permit extension application form IMM5709
  • Information on eligibility for studying and working after applying
  • Maintained Status (Implied status)
  • Immigration Q&A

Reminder: Please upload your Immigration Documents (Study Permit, Co-op Work Permit, and Additional Documents if necessary) in the iCent App under “Upload Mandatory Documents”.

Working During Your Break

Are you continuing your program?

WHO: Students that are completing their current semester and have enrolled in the Spring 2022 semester or Fall 2022 semester (If your program has a scheduled break in the summer).

WORK: Students are eligible to work full-time from the last day of class until the first day of your next semester (if you maintain full-time student status during the semesters before and after the scheduled break). 

Are you starting a new program after you complete your current program?

WHO: Students who have completed a program of study and will be starting a new program of study within 150 days. 

WORK: Students may work off-campus on a full-time basis until the start of their new program or the first 150 days from the day your graduation status was recorded in the system (once you receive the communication from the Enrolment Centre) if you meet the following requirements: 

  • A letter of acceptance to a subsequent program of full-time study at a DLI and will be starting the new program within 150 calendar days
  • Still have a valid study permit or submitted an application to extend your current study permit before the expiry date   

Note: If the new program of study starts more than 150 days after you receive written confirmation of program completion, you are eligible to work off-campus only during the first 150 consecutive days. You should then either apply to change their status (for instance, change it into visitor status) or leave Canada until their new program commences.

Are you applying for your Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?

LAST DAY OF CLASS: Between the last day of class and when your graduation status is recorded in the system you may work 20 hours/week. 

You will receive communication from the Enrolment Centre once your graduation status is recorded in the system. 

ONCE DOCUMENTS ARE ISSUED: Once your graduation status is recorded in the system YOU MUST STOP WORKING! Please note this is when they are printed or emailed and NOT when you pick them up. 

APPLYING FOR THE PGWP: Once you have applied for the PGWP you are able to work full-time hours as long as your study permit is valid at the time of application.

You must include the following documents in your application: 

  • A final transcript
  • Official letter (confirming you've completed your studies)

We are here to help!

Our team in the International Department would be happy to assist you with any concerns or issues you may be experiencing. Use the iCent App to book an appointment for scholarships, immigration questions, housing support, and more!

 - Cambrian International Team