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TJAA and TSA Juried Exhibition

January 2 - 26, 2020
Celia Eberlie, Juror

Two Art Organizations coming together to promote

"Resolution: Peace and Unity"

Texas Jewish Arts Association is a volunteer-run non-profit arts organization for the visual and performing arts, committed to supporting our members by fostering camaraderie, offering educational and social programming, and bringing our artists' work to the public through varied opportunities and locations across North Texas. Although we are a Jewish organization, our membership is open to all. 

Founded in 1983, the Texas Sculpture Association is dedicated to providing sculptors with the opportunity to develop and exhibit their work and to share their artistic vision with the general public. For more information, visit

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Artist Name: Patty Bruce

Title: The Funny Man in the Window

Artist's Statement: 

Let no Man, Ideology or Government rob us of the ability to speak out freely. Having personal beliefs, feelings and faith should not be restrained or people persecuted if they do not align with the masses. Unfortunately, peer pressure exists in our world today. We have seen bias inside our educational institutions, within families and relationships in every culture, government and religious system. “The Funny Man” represents those systems and individuals who try to change us by their power using bully tactics, manipulation and abuse. When we allow others to intimidate us, all our values and opinions have been compromised. Beware of “The Funny Man” he wants your freedom, your mind, and voice.

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Artist: Joy Kees
Title:  You Are Not This Thing That Happened To You

Artist's Note:

You are not this thing that happened to you. This piece was inspired by an interview I heard with a mental health worker treating refugees. She said that one of her main goals was to get the refugee to realize that “you are not this thing that happened to you”. It occurred to me that this statement could be applicable to anyone who has been the victim of violence, be it personal or political. I was compelled to create this representation of someone who has been stripped of his/her humanity and self- worth. The androgynous figure is slumped, dark, dull and machine-like. Because of “this thing that happened” the figure is only a silhouette of a fully functioning human being. May this work be a warning that peace and unity can only be achieved if our fellow man is not dehumanized.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020
3:30 - 5:30 pm

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