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A round-up of articles focused on commentary and analysis of current developments in the cultural sector. 

Does this change everything?

Here’s Why COVID-19 Has Made Arts Education So Problematic

“It breaks my heart…” This is the disheartening reality for many students enrolling in university-level programs as the pandemic continues to upend the educational system. (Los Angeles Times)

For Greece’s Theaters the Coronavirus Is a Tragedy

Playhouses were already suffering from deep funding cuts after a decade of austerity. Now, with the pandemic, many speak of ruin. (The New York Times)

Art, After Virus: Seven Questions for a Sector on the Edge

If they survive, what form their survival takes, how their art, audiences, and people adapt and shift, and whether some of what went before must be left behind, are some of the wicked questions imposed by COVID-19. (The Philanthropist)

Museums: A Mood Check

“First, the idea of an open museum with distancing is no longer abstract. It turns out, it’s a manageable issue, all things considered, and here as elsewhere people are demonstrating a core human trait: adaptability.” (András Szántó)

How Do We Change a Museum’s Relationship to Its Building?

Dr. Steven Snyder, President for the Fleet Science Center, answers questions about rethinking the relationship of museums to their buildings. (Museum Questions

A Case for the Arts

Welcome to the Broadway Community Project

While the footlights are dimmed during the Broadway suspension, Playbill wanted to shine a spotlight on the sprawling, interconnected world of workers beyond the stage that help bring the stories they love to life. (Playbill)

Time for A Reset

CULTURE RESET is a practical rapid response programme to inspire more relevant and impactful cultural organisations and practices. Richard Watts shares the vision – and the inspiration. (Arts Professional)

To Save Culture After the Pandemic, We Need to Look Beyond London

Abigail Pogson, Managing Director of Sage Gateshead says, cultural regeneration, both in big cities and smaller towns, must be an integral part of the UK’s recovery. (The Guardian)

Policy Measures

A Short Analysis on National COVID-19 Support Measures for the CCS in the EU

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought an entire economic sector to a standstill because of measures taken to implement lockdown and social distancing. KEA has provided an overview of policy measures in the EU-27. (KEA European Affairs)

Comparative Overview: Reopening Museums

This comparative overview of reopening measures within the cultural sector is based on the Compendium’s 28 COVID-19 country reports and information from the European Audiovisual Observatory, the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) and Pearle* – Live Performance Europe. (Compendium)

The Best COVID-19 Support for the Arts Around the World

How are our programs to help the arts survive comparing with others introduced around the globe? Dr Jackie Bailey looks at international responses to the arts to discover what we could learn from them. (ArtsHub)

Survey Says...

COVID-19 Recovery for Organisations and Creative Practitioners

Culture Counts' research into the impact of COVID-19 on the cultural industry continues with a recent survey exploring what the recovery phase might look like for the sector. (CultureCounts)

Prepare for Generation Stream

Julie DeTralia, Head of Research at Hulu, showcases Hulu’s streaming TV research. No longer gathered around the television set with family members, Generation Stream individuals are best categorized as the harbingers of media-to-come. (MediaVillage)

One Out of Three US Museums May Shut Down Forever, A Survey Confirms

Institutions report decline in operating reserves and planned reductions in museum services like education. (The Art Newspaper)

Museum Innovation Barometer

In 2019, Museum Booster conducted research on the current usage of new technologies in museums. The goal was to evaluate which innovations have been taken over by leading cultural institutions and what are the future trends. (Museum Booster)

World Economic Forum Explores How COVID-19 is Affecting Music Industry

The music industry has been hit hard by coronavirus with live performance revenue the biggest casualty. A six-month shutdown is estimated to cost the industry more than $10bn in sponsorships, with longer delays being even more devastating. (World Economic Forum)

Live Performance

A Tale of Two Reopenings, With and Without the Union

American Shakespeare Center and Berkshire Theatre Group will soon open full-scale productions, but only one has Actors’ Equity’s approval. (American Theatre)

‘It’s a Risk for Everybody’: Why a Jazz Pianist Chose to Perform

More than four months after his last public performance, the Grammy-winning artist Bill Charlap played at a storied Pennsylvania club, a glimpse into what may be the new normal for musicians. (The New York Times)

Open-Air Nightlife and COVID-19: Managing Outdoor Space & Sound

The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan’s first chapter explores the management of outdoor space and sound to create open-air nightlife that is both safe and feasible in the context of the global pandemic. (


An Update on the Fix Streaming Campaign

Musicians’ Union (UK) leaders outline the reasons behind the organisations’ joint campaign seeking a review of streaming royalties. (Musicians’ Union)

Game On

What Travis Scott is Teaching Music Stars About the World’s Biggest New (Virtual) Stage (Billboard)

How to Get Audiences to Pay More for Streamed Content

What would happen if an audience was allowed to make a reservation for a small fee, enjoy the experience, and then pay afterwards, when the emotional value is highest. (Arts Professional)

Urban Imaginations

Dubai Culture Reveals Details of Sectoral Pillars Driving New Six-Year Strategic Roadmap

It also seeks to create ‘the fastest route to recovery’ for Dubai’s cultural industry from the damage caused by COVID-19. (WAM)

New Yorkers vote in special contest to reimagine famous Brooklyn Bridge

Six finalists chosen after city launched plan to rethink bridge that currently carries cars, cyclists and pedestrians. (The Guardian)

The World’s First Official Transgender District Is a Game-Changer for LGBTQ Communities

Known as the “gay ghetto” between the 1930s and 1960s, the Tenderloin in San Francisco was one of the few urban areas in America where trans people could be “out” with a relatively reduced risk of violence. (Thrillist

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