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Dean Kathryn Lofton who spoke with Matt Jacobson on May 20, 2020 about religion and American culture during the pandemic.  (see links below)

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This month we continue our new podcast series, "What Does the Pandemic Teach?" a series of interviews inspired by Professor Matt Jacobson's popular undergraduate lecture course, "The History of Right Now."  In this conversation, Matt Jacobson interviews Dean Kathryn Lofton, Professor of Religious Studies and American Studies at Yale, whose work and teaching are helping to make sense of this moment in history.

For more reading related to the interview, here are three concise and terrific articles: Kathryn Lofton's essay, "The Profound Horror of the Mass Grave" (Yale Review); and two pieces which highlight research that Prof. Lofton undertook with colleagues: "Religious Practice in the Time of Coronavirus" and "How Faith Shapes Feelings about the Coronavirus Outbreak" (AP and NORC). 

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Public Humanities Now

podcast| 4 minutes

Excerpt 1 | "What Does the Pandemic Teach?" Matt Jacobson introduces Kathryn Lofton and her work on faith and American culture at the current moment.  Read a related article here.

podcast| 4 minutes

Excerpt 2 | "What Does the Pandemic Teach?"  Matt Jacobson and Kathryn Lofton discuss religious freedom during the pandemic.  Read a related article here.

hear the entire 40 minute conversation here.

podcast| 4 minutes

Excerpt 3 | "What Does the Pandemic Teach?" Matt Jacobson and Kathryn Lofton discuss the practice of social ritual during the pandemic. Read Prof. Lofton's related article here.

podcast| 4 minutes

Excerpt 4 | "What Does the Pandemic Teach?"   Matt Jacobson and Kathryn Lofton discuss the anthropology of everyday life at the current moment.

hear the entire 40 minute conversation here.

(Hilda Huang, piano)

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