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AEA Consulting: The Platform

Equitable Design, Revitalizing Downtown, and Advocating for Cultural Districts

In June and July 2021, AEA Consulting, alongside Snyder Consultancy and Perkins&Will, convened a series of workshops to explore and reimagine how museums can be more engaging and reach more diverse communities – opening and extending the functions of cultural institutions from that of education, presentation, and preservation, to co-commissioning, partnership, and civic dialogue. 

In this issue of The Platform, we highlight those conversations and our reflections for the wider museum and cultural community through a new website called Don't Call It a Museum. Our team also shares what was learned in the article How Do We Design Equitable Cultural Spaces?

We also share an essay written for the United Kingdom Department for International Trade focused on the revitalization of downtowns, and the translation of the Global Cultural Districts Network's recent advocacy guide in Spanish! 

Rethinking the 21st-Century Museum: Equitable Design

Snyder Consultancy, Perkins&Will, and AEA Consulting

Rethinking the 21st-Century Museum: Equitable Design, a series of workshops convened by AEA Consulting, Snyder Consultancy, and Perkins&Will, with the support of Agnes Gund, brought together a diverse group of museum professionals and designers in June and July 2021 to reimagine the future of the museum's built environment, recognizing the need to expand who a museum is for, as well as fundamental shifts in technology, visitor behavior, and community interests.

To carry the conversation forward, a website was created to offer the workshop findings to the museum community. Don't Call It a Museum offers redefinitions of the concept of placemaking that provide greater depth and insight into the dynamics of spatial equity and will continue to present case studies to demonstrate good practice and lessons learned. 

Visit Don't Call It a Museum

How Do We Design Equitable Cultural Spaces?

by Mario Washington-Ihieme and Isabella Ko

Following the series of conversations mentioned above, Research Analyst Mario Washington-Ihieme and recent Summer Analyst Isabella Ko reflect on their learnings on the process of equitable design of cultural buildings and how to further the conversation. 

Read How Do We Design Equitable Cultural Spaces? 

Oakland Museum of California

1000 Oak Street via

Designing the 21st-Century Museum for Equity and Inclusion

Daniel Payne

On November 19, Managing Principal Daniel Payne joined a panel with Jill Snyder and Zena Howard on Designing the 21st-Century Museum at the Museum Trustee Association's Fall 2021 Forum, sharing findings from this summer's workshops.

Daniel, alongside Jill and Zena, will further discuss the findings from the workshops this Thursday, December 9 in a webinar for the Association of Art Museum Directors.

Museum Trustee Association

Museum Trustee Association

Other News

How can cultural experiences help revitalise downtown areas?

by Natalia Vartapetova 

Senior Consultant Natalia Vartapetova writes the introduction for the United Kingdom Department for International Trade's new brochure, Experience on Main Street, exploring how strategic cultural experience initiatives can aid in reinvigorating the downtowns that are recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic, providing long-term benefits to host communities and neighborhoods. 

Read Experience on Main Street

Experience on Main Street

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf © Garry Knight

GCDN's Advocacy Guide featured in Conectando Audiencias 

Global Cultural Districts Network

The Global Cultural District Network's recent report, Cultural Districts: An Investment in Rich Urban Life, can now be read in Spanish! GCDN teamed up with Spanish firm ASIMÉTRICA for the translated report to be featured in Conectando Audiencias magazine. 

The advocacy guide makes a case for support of cultural districts as a necessity for building thriving places and people, and provides language and a framework that cultural leaders can use to communicate with stakeholders. 

Read the report in Spanish

Read the report in English

Cultural Districts: An Investment in Rich Urban Life

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