Hello, hello!

Where were you when...you realized we were actually on the ‘other side’ of the pandemic? Was it when you hugged someone outside of your home for the first time? When you simply saw someone’s entire face?

People are reuniting with their families, revenge-vacationing and shopping again. Some are committing to healthier lifestyles, or perhaps more balance in their lives. Some are rebuilding their lives in new, thoughtful ways.

It’s been a while since my last newsletter to you, which touched upon the “adjacent possible.” 

A supporter wrote back, with the following response: Don't turn back; post-COVID will carry lessons forward in building all audience events from a place of zero. Be fearless in making a new future, don't get trapped by conventions of staging or making theater or performance that drag you back to the past.”

Indeed, we are focusing on the future and want to share with you a sizzle reel from our recently completed documentary MAKE YOUR MARK, which introduces you to the creators of our new musical commission, The Tattooed Lady, premiering at PTC in the fall of 2022. This big, blazing show about tattooed ladies, both historical and fictional, is at its core a celebration of unabashed individuality. Our tidy 21-minute documentary reveals how the musical first took shape in Philly at the Kimmel Center. It features a fully-produced music video, more song clips, and a glimpse at one of Philadelphia’s own tattoo artists, who has a flourishing practice in Fishtown. (Click to view the teaser)

What else, you say?  Coming this July is a short meet and greet of three of the Terrence McNally Award finalists. Join us (virtually) on Monday, July 19th at 7pm, to meet these exciting playwrights and hear short excerpts from their plays.  You can watch the announcement of the WINNER of the McNally Award, Donja R. Love, by clicking here and also read the Philly Business Journal’s article about Philly Theatre Week, which highlights our community’s resilience and creativity during these difficult months.

PTC is ready to return, and we’ll do what it takes to bring audiences back to a safe, welcoming space. This year, we are preparing to share some really good stories with you. We also, desperately, want to entertain you. It’s been a rough year.

At PTC, we are sprinting into the future, trying to accomplish all the things it takes to offer a season in record time. Yet we’re affording ourselves the grace to know that this year is still one of recovery and reflection, and that the old way of doing things may not serve us. 

Please join us as we continue to develop exciting work by making a gift to PTC TODAY! 

There will be more news, as well as details about next year’s season, very soon.



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