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Dear friends,

The end of October ushers in the holiday season, with days of remembrance, thanksgiving, and religious observances soon to come. It is a time rich with tradition and meaning, and has my mind thinking about the role of ritual and tradition in our lives, and how they may change or adapt in uncertain circumstances.

Scratch Space episode 8, Reinventing Ritual, will air Thursday October 29, featuring Lucas Artists Fellow Hector Dionicio Mendoza discussing ritual, memory, and tradition with Bay Area artists Amalia Mesa-Bains, Viviana Paredes, and Pilar Agüero-Esparza. Together, they will explore the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos in the time of coronavirus, examine the importance of ritual during moments of uncertainty, and explore new models for remembrance and connection.

In observance of Día de los Muertos, Mendoza, representing partnerships with the CSUMB Visual and Preforming Arts Department and Public Space, Salinas, will be creating an installation at Montalvo called Veinte/Veinte, an ofrenda, or altar, that serves as a space to reflect on and honor memories of loved ones. I invite you all to participate by sending photographs of loved ones passed to on or before October 27, to be placed by the artist respectfully as part of Veinte/Veinte. 

The altar will be installed onsite in Montalvo’s Oval Garden from Wednesday, October 28 through Wednesday, November 4. Please feel free to visit and add photos and mementos representing loved ones lost. Marigolds are needed for this installation—should you have flowers to contribute, please contact Kelly Sicat at the above address. 

You can learn more about the significance of the ofrenda and how to create one of your own with our online class Dia de Los Muertos: Making an Ofrenda on Monday, November 2

What are some rituals, daily or seasonally, that you have been observing? How are they changing in light of the coronavirus? 

Wishing you well,

Angela McConnell
Executive Director

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