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December 2020

By the Numbers : 
An Enneagram Series

Artist: Michelle B Noah

December 2 - January 24, 2021

By the Numbers: An Enneagram Series by Michelle B Noah, is a visual exploration of the enneagram - a model of the human psyche that divides into nine types.

 "I was inspired by my curiosity with how human beings are wired: we all have a distinct way of looking at the world. My visual interpretation of the enneagram world is inspired by the people I love. I love color and love expressing my emotions through color. Bright colors express optimism and the darker colors reflect the intensity and a dark moodiness. A year of creating these pieces has given me a framework to understand what motivates us and inspires us. It gives me insight into what gives us security and makes us soar and what gives us stress and weakness we fail to conquer."

Take a journey through "By the Numbers:An Enneagram Series" and see what you discover. Pictured below is Enneagram One: The Perfectionist, with wings 1-9 on the left, and 1-2 on the right.

Color has always been central to Michelle's work and using intense combinations of colors has become her trademark. As a printmaker in art school, Michelle used layers upon layers of bright colored inks in her pieces. That experience has continued to influence her art today as she loves layering paint and watching her canvas transform.

Enneagram Triads make up three different sections of the Enneagram model. The groups consist of The Gut: 8-9-1, The Heart: 2-3-4, and The Head: 5-6-7.

Seen below- One of the three TRIADS, The Head, hanging at the beginning of the exhibit.  
Seen above-
Enneagram Four: The Individualist

Aside from the Enneagram Series: By The Numbers, Michelle also has several landscapes on display from prior exhibits. She wanted to create pieces that are colorful, but also a little less abstract, so that people could enjoy the beautiful art on their own walls at home. Each piece is labeled with a QR code that will take you directly to Michelle's website. 

To contact Michelle, schedule an appointment for a private tour, or to request a commissioned piece, you can visit Michelle's website, linked here

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