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Dear friends,

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, what lies at the intersection of accessibility, the arts, and social justice? I invite you to tune in tomorrow at 12pm for Access is Love, Episode 12 of Scratch Space to learn more.

Disabled activist, media maker, and consultant Alice Wong is joined by visual artists Jason Lazarus and Siebren Versteeg in exploring tactics for making protest accessible to all and giving voice and visibility to communities at the margins. 

Closed captioning will be available for the duration of this episode.
A transcript will be made available after the event.

Tomorrow's episode shares its name with Access is Love, a project Wong created with community organizers and advocates Mia Mingus and Sandy Ho. This initiative aims "to raise awareness about accessibility and encourage people to incorporate access in their everyday practices and lives" instead of regarding it as a burden or an afterthought. Their mission touches on something we at Montalvo have shifted our focus towards: equity and access in the arts and beyond. 

As we work internally on identifying and removing barriers to engage with Montalvo, we have all had to look outside our own lived experiences to understand that what one of us might perceive as a nonissue could be a substantial obstacle to another.

At the end of the day, when we speak about equity and access, are we recognizing all of the groups that are so often invisible in the public eye?

While we work towards ensuring the answer to this question is a resounding Yes!, the generous guidance, labor, and education from activists and advocates in this space is paramount to our success.

Access is Love urges us to expand our understanding of the word "access" so that we can help build a world where accessibility is understood both as a form of creative practice and—most importantly—as an act of love.

  All my best,

 Angela Torre McConnell
Executive Director

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