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A round-up of articles focused on commentary and analysis of current developments in the cultural sector.

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Does this change everything? 

I Grew Up Behind the Iron Curtain. Isolating Russia’s Art and Artists Will Not Help Us Achieve Peace

András Szántó says, “as the world falls apart, as economies decouple and truces unwind, art remains one of the few ways in which we can continue to engage with those ‘on the other side’ who share our values. We need them. And they need us.” (Artnet News

The Case for Cultural Sanctions

James Doeser and Anna Marazuela Kim visited Kyiv last autumn to talk to cultural leaders about thriving cultural cities. Here they address what our sector can do in support of colleagues under siege in Ukraine. (Arts Professional)

‘Cultural Catastrophe’: Ukrainians Fear for Art and Monuments Amid Onslaught

“The material cultural heritage of the world is our common heritage, the identity and inspiration for all humanity. Cultural heritage has the power to unite us and is critical for achieving peace.” – J. Paul Getty Trust (The Guardian

A Case for the Arts

The Creative Power of the Arts: Reimagining Human and Planetary Flourishing

Over the course of a year, a group of Salzburg Global Fellows came together to discuss in the context of COVID-19, the climate emergency, structural injustices, and the mutual challenges they are facing. This report outlines their joint inquiry to reflect deeper on how we can overcome divides through collaboration towards a transformative change that leads to genuine human and planetary flourishing. (Salzburg Global Seminar

Equity & Social Justice

National Gallery of Australia Launches ‘40:40:20’ Gender Equity Action Plan

The plan aims to improve gender equity in the gallery's collection following a 2019 report that found only a quarter of NGA's Australian art collection and a third of its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art collection was created by women artists. The stats were little better in the years leading up to the report, with just 27% of works acquired from 2014 to 2018 made by women artists. (Ocula

Digital Frontiers

Is the National Gallery’s Virtual Veronese the Future of Art?

“The National Gallery's new Virtual Veronese show is extremely impressive; not only does it immerse you into another country and another time, but it's cleverly curated,” says art critic Tabish Khan. (Londonist)

Guidelines For Using Aggregate Streaming Platforms for Performing Arts Content

The Arts Management & Technology Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University has consolidated content from various organizations on single niche streaming services, which present a solution to the increasingly competitive market of digital programming, but may not be the optimal strategy for every organization. (AMT Lab

The GRAMMY Museum Enlarges Its Digital Presence with Virtual Tours

The GRAMMY Museum’s refreshed virtual presence reflects on the one key lesson picked up over the pandemic-related lockdowns: that cultural institutions have doors beyond their physical ones. (Jing Culture & Commerce)

Cultural Infrastructure

Welcome to the Arts Space of the Future

From London to Taipei, the Financial Times goes inside three places that are redefining the venue for 2022. (Financial Times

New Models

Why Artist and Museum Merchandise is the Next Major Growth Category for the Ever-Expanding Art Market

Museums, galleries, and even individual artists are clamoring for a piece of the growing pie. Creating products is only the beginning. What museums are doing to market and sell their growing supply of merchandise is even more eye-opening. (Artnet News

Classical Music Leaves the Concert Hall for the Pub and the Car Park

Covid has given a bump to smaller, unusual venues that offer intimate, less intimidating experiences. (Financial Times)

Funding & Philanthropy

The Financial Community is Shutting Its Doors to Russia. Will the Art Market Follow?

The same conditions that create soaring values are now being used to keep a lid on art being used as an asset. (Artnet News)

Urban Imaginations

Can a ‘Cultural District’ Designation Save Toronto’s Chinatown?

Protecting Toronto’s cultural history has become a hot topic as rising real estate prices and relentless developments threaten to visibly erase much of this young city’s past. The Cultural Districts Program aims to protect historical business communities like Chinatown and Little Jamaica from large developers. (Toronto Star)

An Art-World Capital, With Few Places for Artists to Work

A new London exhibition celebrates the creativity of artists in their studios. But ateliers in the city are vanishing, and artists are being pushed out. (The New York Times)

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