Hello everyone,

It’s been a minute. 

You may have noticed that we have been relatively quiet at Philadelphia Theatre Company.  During the last several weeks, we took our time to navigate through the first stages of the health and economic crisis and to thoughtfully strategize about our future.

At last, I was all set to bring good news to you about the projects we’re developing, and give you a heads up about events coming up as soon as next Monday, June 8th.

However, I must first address the pain and tumult that we are witnessing in our country and right here in Philadelphia.  We want to acknowledge the pain of the Black American community that seeks justice for the death of George Floyd and countless others. Black Lives Matter. 

Philadelphia Theatre Company will emerge from this crisis with stability and strength. We are committed to our mission and to the people we serve.  But we must acknowledge the long history of systemic racism and trauma that is the root cause of injustice.

I am available for any conversation you wish to have–about what we’re doing, what we’ve done, how we’ve failed and also what actions we are taking.

If you are looking for paths to information and action, you will find some here.

Thank you for your patience and commitment as we seek a creative path through this time.


As a result of careful planning PTC will be in a very strong position to come back - when we can.  If we’ve learned anything recently, it is that making plans is tricky.  So we are playing the long game, and that means that we are not going to be announcing a season, or dates, until we can do so with certainty.  We know you understand that if there’s one thing in short supply right now, it is certainty. (watch our video message HERE)

We do have a “season” in mind that we are eager to produce, and are considering all the ways that we might offer it to you, whether it’s live or digital, or a mixture of both.  We see an opportunity for innovation as well as an expansion in the ways we define theatre and art in this moment; in how art can reach households that may have heretofore been excluded.  We will be revealing those initiatives in the coming months.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to right now:

Next Monday, June 8th, PTC has the honor of launching the first regional episode of “Stars in the House,”  hosted by me, starring special guest Kathleen Turner, and lots of Philly artists.  We’ll visit our guests in their homes, and talk about their experiences at PTC and what they're up to right now. The show goes live at 2 pm on PTC's YouTube channel.  This hour-long show will benefit PTC’s artistic programming, with a portion of our proceeds going toward other local charities to be announced.

Barrymore winning musical director Amanda Morton will accompany some of our musical guests, like Rodney Hicks, Tamara Della Anderson and Georgiana Summers (PTC’s The Bridges of Madison County). 

You’ll meet PTC crew member Danielle Joh, who has put her talents to use making masks for the community AND, if you donate $50 or more, you’ll receive your very own handmade mask!

Also, save the date for Wednesday, July 1st, when we present our Virtual Play Brawl fundraiser, which was originally scheduled for March 13th.  Now anyone can come! More details will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your understanding,


PS - Your ongoing support of PTC is deeply appreciated and absolutely vital as we continue our mission to serve the audiences and artists of Philadelphia. If you wish to donate, please click here.  Thank you!

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