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Scene and Heard

Dear Friends of Hartford Stage,

Happy Spring. A much-needed change of season, and a sense for all of us at Hartford Stage that there is light at the end of this long tunnel, and it might not be an oncoming train.

A year ago, almost to the day, I sent out my first of these letters to you, letting you know we were shuttering our theatre. This coming Wednesday, we will mark the one-year anniversary of Scene and Heard: LIVE! and I invite you to join me to learn how many folks near and dear to Hartford Stage have spent this “intermission.”

It's been a challenging time, a time of lost income, and lost opportunities, a loss of voice for many. At the same time, we’re reminded that theatre makers are often some of the most multi-talented creators​, with a great variety of interests and expertise. ​Over the past year ​without live on stage performance, many of these artists ​have adapted to the times, pivoting to focus on myriad endeavors and creations – from painting to woodworking to teaching to tennis, and beyond! (Some of these talented artists will be contributing their crafts to our upcoming gala auction April 10-17. Stay tuned for more emails on that topic!).

This week we'll highlight how theatre artists have ​applied their skills and artistry in new ​– and old – ways. Join me and a series of special guests (including our friend Hershey Felder, spending the pandemic in Florence!) as we share stories of this past pandemic year, and glimpse the creativity and beauty that has emerged from it.

A year ago, I wrote, “As the cancellation emails fly into our inboxes and the stresses of the world are ever encroaching, and as we at Hartford Stage have to curtail our programming, I'm reaching out to reassure you that we are determined to stay connected, and to remain vibrant…”. At this anniversary I’m grateful that we have stayed connected, and hope you’ll join me this week to raise a glass to a bright future for our beloved theatre.


The Bacon Brothers

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