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Teaching Colleagues:

Of course, we want to know how things have gone in the l-o-n-g month of October, and we’re going to get to that in the next post because . . .

We’re counting down to the teaching and learning party that is the annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English, and we can’t wait to connect with you there! Shall we keep our hopes up? Will we see you there—in St. Louis from November 16-19—at NCTE17? Please! We’d love it.

NOTE: If this convention is news to you, check it out here.

We’re launching some BIG THINGS—bigger than ever before—at NCTE this year, and we want you to be a part of it all. Come to the convention and from the first minute you’re there . . .

  1. CHECK OUT YOUR CONVENTION BACKPACK! That backpack, the one you’re given as you register, the very cool one. What’s on it? And what’s in it? Uh huh.
  2. ASK: WAIT, WHAT ARE THESE NEW T-SHIRTS FLOATING AROUND THE CONVENTION?! How do you get one of those? Stay tuned.
  3. ATTEND A FOLGER SESSION ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th. We’re doing our usual full line-up of five lively sessions, this year each one is on a different play: Romeo, Macbeth, Midsummer, Othello, and Hamlet. Come, work actively with all kinds of like-minded colleagues and walk away with tons of new strategies and handouts . . . and get the inside scoop on TWO big new steps we’re taking so that we can serve teachers (YOU) more completely and all the time.
  5. VISIT OUR BOOTH (#922)—PART A. TAKE A SHAKESPEARE SELFIE. Tuck up with a fun prop, and smile for a selfie with that dreamboat, Will Shakespeare! 
  6. VISIT OUR BOOTH (#922)—PART B. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FOLGER TEACHING COMMUNITY AND OUR NEW TEACHER MEMBERSHIP! Meet Folger Education staff and members of our Teacher Corps so you can find out what all of this can mean for your own learning, and the learning in your classroom.
  7. FIFTH ANNUAL FLASH MOB! JOIN THE LARGEST, WILDEST BALCONY SCENE EVER. At 5:00pm on Saturday, bring your fabulous self to some spontaneous Shakespeare at the rotunda of the Washington Lobby. Thanks to our friends at Simon & Schuster, the first 100 flash mob participants will receive Folger Editions of Romeo and Juliet!
  8. IF YOU WILL BE AT NCTE, REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL to let us know! See you soon!
  9. CAN’T MAKE IT TO NCTE THIS YEAR? Follow the action on Twitter—we’ll be live-tweeting from @FolgerED and using #NCTE17, too. We promise to report on everything!

Love and send Hallowe’en pictures!