March 2012

March Season at The National Ballet of Canada

Dancers from YOU dance will be on stage at the Four Seasons Centre performing in the great classic The Sleeping Beauty, March 10 to 18 and The Seagull, March 21 to 25. To read more about these ballets click here.

YOU Learn

Jack Bertinshaw, one of the YOU dance dancers, explains the importance of music in dance.

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Student and teachers can send questions to any of our YOU dance performers to Your question may be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters.

A teacher at Annunciation Catholic School asked:

My students were absolutely thrilled with the workshop you did with them, do you ever come back for Part 2? 

The answer: There are numerous opportunities to continue dance in your classroom.  Visit The National Ballet of Canada’s website at for more exciting programs your class can participate in and fascinating information and videos your students can access.  We would love to see you again for Part 2 in an Exploring Ballet workshop.


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YOU Move

Ask your students to record a list of sounds that they hear from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they get to school. It could be from the rustle of the bed sheets, the running of water, to the crunching of breakfast. Then ask them to try and vocalize all these sounds into a musical score. Give the students time to practice a short dance that would go with these sounds – careful not to mime. For example a rustle of bed sheets could be a shake and jump, followed by rapid gallops to represent running water, finishing with hops for crunching to end the dance.  When a student is ready to show their Morning Dance ask the audience to close their eyes to imagine the dance while listening only.  Second time through the audience can watch the dance and musical sound score together. Discuss the audience’s findings.

YOU Explore

Research at the library or on the internet some of the world’s most sought after contemporary choreographers such as Alexei Ratmansky, Crystal Pite or Wayne McGregor. Listen to an excerpt of the musical choices they have made for some of their works. Start a discussion with your class about the different styles of music and the choreography that was created.

For more information about YOU dance workshops and performances please call YOU dance Artist Educator/Administrator Annemarie Cabri at 416 345 9686 x377 or

YOU dance is supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
The RBC Apprentice Programme is supported by the RBC Foundation. 

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