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Volume 1: Fall 2018

Virginia G. Piper Music Director Tito Muñoz with the musicians of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and pianists Anthony Romaniuk and Amy Yang after a performance at the Ojai Music Festival in Ojai, CA this June.

While the stage at Symphony Hall is quiet during the summer, our Maestro and musicians make music at festivals around the world. In June, Virginia G. Piper Music Director Tito Muñoz traveled from California to Suffolk, England conducting the Mahler Chamber Orchestra. They performed multiple works by living American composer Michael Hersch, whose piece end stages will be presented by The Phoenix Symphony in May 2019 alongside The Planets: An HD Odyssey.

In July, Maestro Muñoz conducted the Crested Butte Music Festival Symphony Orchestra. One of the featured pieces was Starburst, written by young African-American composer, Jessie Montgomery. Following the Crested Butte Music Festival, Maestro Muñoz traveled to Belfast, Ireland for the European premiere of Starburst with the Ulster Orchestra. Phoenix audiences can experience Montgomery’s Starburst in April, alongside Piazzolla’s Four Seasons and Florence Price’s First Symphony.

The Phoenix Symphony’s New Year’s Eve Gala is Back by Popular Demand!  

Guests at the 2017 New Year's Eve Gala dancing into the New Year with The Phoenix Symphony at the Arizona Biltmore.

The cherished Phoenix Symphony New Year’s Eve Gala returns again this year to dazzle guests with festivities and music during the best event of the season. The highlight of the evening will be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dance into the New Year with the full Phoenix Symphony orchestra.

Proceeds from The Phoenix Symphony New Year’s Eve Gala support our Education & Community and Health & Wellness programming. Our innovative efforts have allowed The Phoenix Symphony to expand our vital role in civic and community life, with our musicians acting as ambassadors, advocates and educators for the benefit of Arizona residents.  

To learn more about this year's gala and to purchase tickets click here.

Opening Night is always a joyous occasion for The Phoenix Symphony.  However, it occurs just one week before World Alzheimer’s Day. You may be  wondering what Alzheimer’s has to do with the Symphony. A lot actually.

In 2013, The Phoenix Symphony created B-Sharp Music Wellness, a  W.O.N.D.E.R. Project, which promotes physical, mental and social wellness  through the healing power of music. Two years later, we implemented our first phase of the B-Sharp Music Wellness, a W.O.N.D.E.R. Project: Alzheimer's Research InitiativeThis program evaluates the impact of live music on Phoenix Alzheimer’s patients. 

To learn more about our Fall Annual Fund Campaign and how you can help those in our community suffering from Alzheimer's Disease please click here.


Q: What is the difference between a violin and a viola?

A: Probably the most obvious difference is the size. The violin is smaller and is considered the “soprano” of the violin family. It produces higher pitched sounds and is often described as brilliant, bright, powerful, and singing.  These qualities enable it to easily be heard above an orchestra, which is why violins are most often chosen by composers for melodies. The viola on the other hand is larger in size and is the “alto” of the violin family. Due to it’s larger size, the viola produces mid-range and lower sounding pitches, and the qualities are often described as mellow, dark, smoky, and even vocal, as the pitches are in the range of the human voice. It’s role in the orchestra is often to fill in the musical texture, and because of it's mid-range pitches the viola is an ideal instrument to accompany melodies played by the higher pitched violin. But keep your ears open, every once in awhile the viola section is granted a melody by the composer, and the effect of this mellow, dark voice can be haunting and mesmerizing!

- Christopher McKay, Acting Assistant Principal Viola


Ken Vecchione, Chief Executive Officer of Western Alliance Bancorporation

Ken Vecchione returned to Western Alliance Bancorp as President in 2017 before ascending to his current role as CEO in April 2018, running one of the top-performing banking companies in the country. Vecchione previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer from 2010-2013 and was the architect of the company’s National Business Line strategy. Prior to his return to Western Alliance, Ken Vecchione was CEO at Encore Capital Group an international financial service company operating in 15 countries. Vecchione has held senior positions at many of the leading financial service companies, including CFO roles at Apollo Global Management and MBNA Corporation. He also served on the boards of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, International Securities Exchange and Affinion Group.

Becoming actively involved with The Phoenix Symphony resonates for the banking leader and is a key part of his local community involvement. Says Vecchione: “Outstanding cultural assets, such as The Phoenix Symphony, deliver many benefits to the community. Importantly, a vibrant arts landscape is a critical dimension in overall quality of life that helps to attract businesses to our city and is part of what draws top talent to growing businesses that already call Arizona home, including Western Alliance.” 

Vecchione believes that strong arts organizations, like The Phoenix Symphony, can add a distinct competitive advantage for Phoenix as it vies with other markets for sought-after new businesses, executives and other sophisticated residents and visitors. 

Did you know that supporting The Phoenix Symphony can be as simple as a trip to the grocery store or a click of the mouse? Both Fry's Community Rewards Program and Amazon Smile give back to us when you register The Phoenix Symphony as your charity of choice. Click on the logos below to learn more.