Hello everyone,

What midterms?! Seriously, we hope you’ll step away from cable news to consider this: a collaborative group of over fifty people has been working together to create our opening play only for you. Imagine just over two hours of uninterrupted entertainment in the company of dedicated theatregoers like yourselves and treat yourself to a night out, taking in the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama of Lynn Nottage’s SWEAT.

We invite you to lose yourselves in the stories of people who could be your family, your friends, your neighbors. SWEAT depicts a tightly-knit group of friends who make each other laugh, who celebrate and console each other and ultimately, who react to the changes around them in dramatic and even tragic ways. The final moment of the play simply takes my breath away and the cast we have assembled is electrifying. 

Director Justin Emeka had this to say about the all-star lineup in Sweat“A well-written play like Sweat demands actors...share pieces of themselves that they normally keep to themselves,” said Emeka. “Because of the demands of the script, I looked for actors that were the most fearless, lovable, and willing to be vulnerable with each other.  All of the actors in the cast stood out to me in this regard.”

So let Philadelphia Theatre Company offer you respite from the numbing assault of news and campaigns. Sit among friends in the comfort of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre and let yourself feel again. If there’s a common thread between the world of the play and today, it is that the stakes are unbelievably high. But, as Stan the bartender says, “...human decency is at the core of everything.” Plays show us the truth, but they also remind us of who we are and what is possible.

Time is running out to buy subscriptions for the 2018-19 season, starting at the crazy price of $38.  Sweat previews are almost sold out - don’t miss your chance for the best possible seats from October 12-November 4. Get your tickets HERE today!

A final line from Sweat that sums up the PTC spirit; “Yo, I got aspirations. There it is.”

See you soon,


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To set-up your complimentary $50 Membership, contact Tammy Dahms, Sales and Client Services Manager at 610.898.7204. SPAC Membership not available through the PTC Box Office. Must be a Sweat ticket holder to qualify. Tickets for Sweat start at $25.