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Teaching Colleagues:

Many of you are already in the flow of summer-- I see those vacation photos on Facebook! And some of you—I feel you, New York City public school teachers—are finishing up TODAY.

Right about now around here, we are always pretty verklempt with gratitude and admiration and respect for you all and what you do every day. Every. Single. Day. And I always have in my minds’ eye all those kids—zillions of them—who during this past year you collectively have influenced, expanded, gotten to, opened up, sparked, challenged, grown . . . in other words, TAUGHT. They are the luckiest people on earth, especially the ones who may not realize your power and importance until they get down the road some. We realize it though. And that’s only one reason we LOVE working with you.

We don’t wind down much in the summer, mainly because that’s when you’re free to come visit or sign on for a chunk of work with us. BUT . . . summer reading is summer reading! Last year you gave me great advice, so I am asking again and am grateful in advance. My annual question for you:


And here’s a tiny proviso: If you’re me, DC is a tough place to live and work these days. And the Folger—even though the humanities are a haven for sure—is two blocks from the U.S. Capitol and one block from the Supreme Court. So . . . if you think I should re-read 1984, will you save that suggestion for another day? I’m craving the best of humanity, warmth, inspiration, aspiration at the moment. How’s that for a prescribed question?

Hit REPLY and give me your best advice . . . and as we did last year, we’ll share the list with all of you, and with the Folger staff too.

Thanks and love,