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Teaching Colleagues:  

The year’s in gear and . . . are you looking for PD and lessons to help your students understand and own Shakespeare’s language like never before?

Not yet a Teacher Member of the Folger but curious about Forsooth! and the many other benefits of belonging to the Folger as a Teacher Member?

Already a Teacher Member but haven’t yet taken advantage of Forsooth!?


In these first 10 months of Forsooth!, our new online home for teachers, we have:

  • welcomed 800 (and counting) fabulous new Teacher Members from all 50 states and beyond   
  • posted 450 (and counting) new classroom resources, and   
  • run a wildly successful two-week (and 30 professional-development-hour) summer school course, “Teaching Romeo and Juliet,”  
  • hosted lots of other live online PD sessions and events, and   
  • learned a lot from you!  


We’re thrilled to announce some exciting new stuff happening on the Teacher Member level of Forsooth! in the next few months:

  1. A second run of the “Teaching Romeo and Juliet” Online Professional Development Course—happening October 14-November 4.
    • Read, watch, discuss, and work with the best the Folger has to offer classrooms studying R&J. Do most of the work at your own pace, with some live-streamed video classes. Earn 30 professional development hours and gain a whole new set of strategies, insights, resources, and teaching allies as you head into this wild play!
  2. Two in-depth “Using Primary Sources to Deepen Student Literacy” teaching modules showing students video of play-specific rare materials from the Folger vault and leading them through an intentional, interactive process of inquiry and discovery—all rooted in language and literacy. If you teach Macbeth or Hamlet these will be especially valuable to you. Lots of new digital resources here!
  3. Multiple one-hour, live-streamed professional development sessions, featuring classroom-focused conversation with experts from the Folger community of middle and high school teachers, scholars, and artists. Tentative topics: Reaching English Learners in a Shakespeare unit, using the interactive Folger Method with texts beyond Shakespeare, designing assessments for Shakespeare (and other complex texts). Tell us what topics you’d like us to feature!

All these professional development and curriculum offerings are free for Teacher Members of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Once you become a Teacher Member, you’ll receive special emails with links to register for all these events and access all these resources! Membership is $40.00/year and we boldly think it’s a good value for the money. You already know that we respect and value teachers so highly...we’d never deliver to you less than our best!

Then we’ll look for you all over Forsooth!



Peggy O'Brien, Ph.D.

Director of Education 
Folger Shakespeare Library 
201 East Capitol Street, SE 
Washington, DC 20003