Rooftop Garden Tour and Workshop at H Street Farms

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On average, our food travels 1,500 miles from source to plate, making food transport one of the major contributors to greenhouse-gas emissions. By eating locally, we can reduce our carbon footprint and fuel local businesses at the same time. But with space at a premium in urban areas, farmers are charged with finding creative solutions in close quarters.

Niraj Ray is the founder and CEO of Cultivate the City, a District-based organization of urban farmers who work with community gardens, local schools, restaurants, families, and businesses dedicated to locally produced food by planting in schoolyards, empty lots, and even rooftops. To get a closer look at creative solutions to growing your own food or beautifying your small space, Niraj leads a tour of H Street Farms in Northeast, an impressively innovative rooftop garden center. Join Niraj on October 29 and get to bring home your own herbs you’ve planted in a root pouch!

H Street Farms’ rooftop garden (Niraj Ray)

H Street Farms’ rooftop garden (Niraj Ray)

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