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Teaching Colleagues:

So . . . you know that we usually send you these notes about once a month, though sometimes a little more frequently and sometimes a little less. And we try to send a special one in the school-starting zone.

But never mind all of that . . . this note is the first of three, and you may get them all this week. Hope we don’t overwhelm you—you’ll read them when you have time--but . . . Jeez! Could anything else possibly be happening on this earth? School is starting (or has started)! There was a solar eclipse yesterday! And in so many ways and in so many places, our country is shaky. And the world is shaky. And it feels like so many people are shaky. Oy.

You, however, are not shaky. You are the hope of the world and your country and your school and your students. And your families. And the world too. We are so honored to cast our lot with you: you who influence children (and often their parents) every day. You’re changing lives on a regular basis, even—and sometimes especially—on the days when you think you are doing anything but.

In this shaky country, to me, you are hope personified.

Thanks for that.

More very soon,


PS. Sending along Sherman Alexie’s new poem. So many of us teach him and keep up with his life. You may have seen it already. It’s powerful and direct, as he is, and political – which I try very hard not to be, at least publicly, but it’s getting harder. Too good not to send you: