There's no shortage of men hoping to win the heart of the widow Hanna (Sally Dibblee), but when Danilo (sung by Michael Nyby) asks her, "Madame, how can you resist?" — we know we can't! 

Tickets for the production of The Merry Widow are still available for Tuesday, Oct. 27 (7:30 p.m.), and Thursday, Oct. 29 (7:30 p.m.), starting at $40!

This comedic operetta has it all — captivating singing, stylish dancing and gorgeous scenery — and you can preview some of the highlights in this short video (with additional photos on our website). More context is found in the latest edition of Intermezzo, a Merry Widow podcast and a video from Opera 101

"The men's song about women (Wie die Weiber) was done ... in a tails-and-top-hat style that harked back through Hollywood and beyond. It was entertaining, slick, genuinely comic and stylish ... and deservedly brought the house down. 

... By far the best performance was that of Michael Nyby as Danilo. His stage presence was both natural and commanding, and his lyrical baritone, with just a touch of dark colours in it, is rich and effortless."
– Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal review