September 2011

YOU dance begins its fifth season!

YOU dance, an outreach initiative of The National Ballet of Canada, stands for Youth, Outreach and Understanding dance. The program is designed to introduce students in grades four, five and six to the world of dance through FREE workshops and performances. Workshops are led by an Artist Educator and present a learning experience for both students and classroom teachers. 

Performances, by Apprentices from The National Ballet of Canada, take place in the intimate setting of the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto and regional areas of Ontario. There are numerous opportunities for students and teachers to interact with the artists and the dance works presented through active discussion.

YOU Learn

Artistic Director of YOU dance Lindsay Fischer would like to welcome you to the fifth season and thank you for being part of YOU dance this year!

Lindsay Fischer

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Students and teachers can send questions to any of our YOU dance performers to   Your question may be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters.

Here is a question we asked Nayara Lopes who just joined our apprentice program.  Having moved from Curitiba, Brazil, what surprised you about joining The National Ballet of Canada? 

“I knew, of course, the company had a high standard, but now that I am here I am overwhelmed by how big the company is and how truly great they are!  The coaching in YOU dance is amazing and everyone is so very friendly and helpful.  I am so happy and excited for the year ahead.”


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YOU Move

How do you move using different levels, speeds and shapes?

In the YOU dance workshops students are engaged with movement that is empowering, enhances problem solving skills and uses music to inspire them.   

Ask half the class to hold strong balances on one foot while the other half leap quietly across the gym pretending to wear a big floppy hat.  Now switch groups.  Continue finding new balances and leaps using different levels, speeds and shapes.  Add music to your balances and leaps to make a quick and simple movement sequence.

YOU Explore

YOU dance workshops allow students to explore movement that is fun, thought provoking and possible!  Students learn how to be active dancers and engaged audience members through student and teacher led movement exercises.  

Everyday activities from the time we wake up, go to school and end up in bed cause us to move at many different levels.  Discuss with your students how they move through each day.  Make a chart of all activities at the high level, medium level and low level.  Can you calculate the percentage of a 24 hour day you spend at each level.



For more information about YOU dance workshops and performances please call YOU dance Artist Educator/Administrator Annemarie Cabri at 416 345 9686 x377 or

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