October 2011

Close to 2,500 students experience YOU dance this fall.

YOU dance is a unique initiative that gives students and teachers a greater understanding of dance as a means of physical, emotional and creative expression. Close to 2,500 students have already taken part in dance workshops at their schools as well as attended a YOU dance performance in Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie.  

“The workshop was fantastic! The way the students actively listened and participated impressed me.” Holy Cross C.S. 

“I was so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the workshop. My children thoroughly enjoyed it and especially the Bollywood dance.”  Annunciation C.S. 

“The fast pace of the workshop really brought the world of dance alive for the students in a fun way.” St. Vincent de Paul

YOU Learn

Asiel Rivero talks about ballet costumes and tights that the dancers wear when performing.

Asiel Rivero

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Student and teachers can send questions to any of our YOU dance performers to youdance@national.ballet.ca.  Your question may be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters.

Hana from Rose Avenue Public School asks: 

Do the ballet people like to dance? And why don’t the male dancers wear pointe shoes? 

Yes, ballet dancers  not only like to dance – they love it! They love the way it feels to move and express themselves with music. Professional dancers especially love to perform in front of people because the energy of the audience adds to the performance. 

The female dancer began wearing pointe shoes many years ago to create the illusion of floating. There are a few ballets where the male dancer will wear pointe shoes for comic effect such as the male dancer who portrays Bottom, the Donkey, in the ballet The Dream.


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YOU Move

With your class imagine moving across a misty field where no sound is heard. Divide the class in two groups. Ask the first group to try floating through the mist silently finding a place to stop and hold their pose. Then have the second group move through the space using arms to slice through the mist, stop and hold. Have both groups find ways to drop and melt to the floor. Repeat the exercise again switching groups. Which type of movement did the students enjoy doing? Which type of movement did the students enjoy watching? Try the entire exercise again and add music to create a beginning to a Fall dance.

YOU Explore

In the YOU dance workshop students are given a brief history of the ballet skirt worn by ballerinas called a tutu. Why did the tutu shorten over time? Discover relevant historical events that occurred at the same time and see how they compare. Discuss findings in class.



For more information about YOU dance workshops and performances please call YOU dance Artist Educator/Administrator Annemarie Cabri at 416 345 9686 x377 or acabri@national.ballet.ca.

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